Please and Thank You – It Matters

Does it sound like your nagging mom?
“Johnny, be sure to say “Thank You” … to someone who buys you dinner (even if it’s your parents) or gives you an interview for a job opportunity (duh) or -YES – refers a potential client to you for no fee or financial gain.

Yeah, well, you know what? YOUR MOM IS RIGHT. If you want your friends and your associates through social networks to think fondly of you and CLICK to your website, be sure they hear your appreciation when they do. Whether it works out or NOT, their peer-to-peer referral is a high confidence cold call on your behalf. It’s a foot in the door that you cannot buy, so yes, you MUST say thank you. This doesn’t have to be War and Peace, it can be as simple as a text message or quick email that says “Charlie, Acme Mfg. called today about some biz and said you sent them –  thanks! – Joe”

Was that so hard? After a recent turn at snagging a hot lead for a friend on some consulting and getting not only no gratitude but no info when he got the job, I had a bad taste in my mouth, like maybe I shouldn’t have recommended him. That’s going to count next time not out of malice … but rather because who I refer reflects on me.

So when you say to your colleagues “Please recommend me” remember that “Thank You” is the bookend to that request. Besides, if Thank You Notes are cool enough for Jimmy Fallon, they should be good enough for you and me.



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