A Brand New Year

Have you cleaned your office? Sharpened your pencils? Careened off course on your diet yet? Don’t be too hard on yourself. Making substantive changes is difficult. All the comfort and path of least resistance lies on the do-what-you’re-familiar-with side of the road. It’s not you. It’s change itself.

That said, when change is big and important, we know that facing it is waiting for us … After we’ve tried everything else. So face it. Take it on. Write a game plan and then work the plan. You might be surprised how profound the term “reduce it to writing” really is. Writing out the change needed and your plan for achieving it may really break it down for you-make it more possible.

And if that doesn’t work, we can try something else. Remember what Master Yoda said -There is no try. There is do or not do.