Influencing The Debate

In response to MSNBC’s on-air prompt, “The State of Our Union is ________.” I submitted my tweet: “More than any time in our history, the state of our union is in the hands of ordinary Americans.” MSNBC responded, asking me to submit a photo with that message. I did. Then they asked to use it in a promo for the network. All from less than 140 characters.

Here it is:

What can you do with 140 characters? Or a whole paragraph?!


February is Heart Month

February is heart month. Have a heart. Don’t break a heart. Extend your heart to others, to your work, to your professional legacy. Do you love what you do? Is your heart in it? Can you find away to attach your passion to your work? If so, you’re a lucky person, cause when you love what you’re doing, it scarcely feels work anymore.

Sometimes it’s the work you love. Often it’s the people you work with. Get involved in a volunteer project. March for a charity. Get positive. Stay positive. Have a heart.