Getting “Buy-In” From Your Team

You hear a lot about “buy-in”, but what does it really mean and why do you need it? Seriously, why? You’re the boss, right? What you say, goes, right?

This is the difference between being a boss, which means you have the authority to make a decision, and being a leader, which means you have the support to execute that decision well.

That difference is where you find that real value in bringing along your team so that everyone understands and agrees to strategic goals, has a clear mechanism for reporting problems up the chain and enjoys tangible benefits of success.

The most important area of management that requires buy-in is that of managing change. When you’re trying to cultivate a new, better culture in your work process, change that’s good can only come with agreement (“buy-in”). There are many approaches to effecting change but in this one, you must approach with patience and respect. Allow a lot of processing time to absorb ideas about new direction. Change is commonly resisted, but when management listens carefully and responds thoughtfully, it can take unexpected leaps that make progress irreversible.