Why you gotta blog


  1. 24/7/365. User-centric design and constant improvement add up to and information source that’s available to inquiring minds at all times.
  2. Branding – your mission, vision and organizational values should be prominently on display on your website
  3. Simplicity. A website makes it easy for people to find your phone number and other contact information without having to dig out the phone book.
  4. Disability Accommodation. A website allows people with limited access, because of handicap, illness, or other disabilities to instantly access important information without travel.
  5. Frequently Asked Questions. The website and capture the top 10 inquiries and demonstrate your mastery of knowledge in posting answers to those questions.
  6. Easy Updates. A website can be changed on a minute by minute basis BY YOUR STAFF as needed. Emergency announcements, closing the office, meeting notices – you can do it all y using your website and your own media outlet.
  7. Credibility. By placing your meeting notices, board packages and dozens of other operating documents in your website library, available for public inspection, download and printing (at the users’ expense), your credibility as an agency is enhanced.
  8. Guidelines for public records requests. When you help reporters and the public to make detailed requests for records, you save yourself staff time in pulling the documents together.